Energy Therapy

What is Energy Therapy?

By Claire Marie of CMK Energy

You may have heard of energy therapy, but wonder, “what is energy therapy and how does it work?”  Energy therapy practitioners hear these questions all the time.  Basically, energy therapy is a non-invasive way of shifting and balancing energy so that the body and mind can function as efficiently as possible.

Our energy, called life force or “Chi”, runs through and around our bodies and is focused in centers called “chakras”.  When our energy is balanced and running freely, our body, mind and spirit can stay healthy more easily.

Energy work has many benefits, including relaxation, improved pain management, reduction of anxiety or depression, and improved immune system function.  Energy therapies like Healing Touch can also be very effective in reducing stress, which we know can be incredibly damaging to our physical and mental health in a variety of ways.

Imagine a lint screen in a dryer; air moves freely through, while lint and dust particles are trapped.  If you don’t clean the screen, those particles build up and can clog it, preventing air movement sometimes causing damage or fire.  This same analogy can be applied to the body; the lint screen is like your energy fields and the air is like your energy.  If we don’t clear our energy fields, energy can’t flow.  Blocked energy could cause dysfunction like immune system deficiency, chronic pain, high blood pressure, abnormal cell growth, stress, depression, anxiety or insomnia.

A basic energy treatment lasts around one hour.  The practitioner connects to the client and uses their hands within the energy field to improve the energy flow and clear any areas where energy is blocked.  This treatment is calming, since when the body and mind are relaxed, we can accept the process of healing more efficiently.  Usually, the end of a treatment brings deep relaxation and a feeling of being energized, without the sore muscles and lethargy sometimes experienced after a massage.

Energy therapy is one part of the whole experience of wellness.  We exercise, eat good foods and have regular physicals to stay healthy.  In addition, let’s also clean our “screens” for the greatest health of our mind, body and spirit.


What is Healing Touch?

Certified Healing Touch therapy has been offered since the early 1990’s, and is being taught to practitioners worldwide. Healing Touch is a holistic, alternative therapy that balances energy in and around the body, allowing for the most efficient and effective healing. Used for physical, emotional and spiritual healing, this treatment addresses injuries and traumas to both the physical and energetic body fields. Scientific study has shown a measured improvement during post-surgery recovery for patients given Healing Touch therapy and certified training programs ensure that practitioners are given standardized instruction. Healing Touch is non-invasive and involves only intermittent, light touching on a fully-clothed patient. Effects of treatment can be felt immediately, but most often are noticed within a day or two. The patient may sit or lie down while the practitioner passes their hands a few inches above the body to sense and manipulate energy within and around the patient.

Healing Touch offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Reduction of stress
  • Improved management of chronic or acute symptoms (ex. migranes, joint pain, allergies, fatigue)
  • Reduction of anxiety or depression
  • Reduction or elimination of pain
  • Improvement of immune system function
  • Deepening of spiritual connection and relaxation
  • Improvement in energy level and vitality

Physical and emotional trauma can leave behind disruption in the body’s energy fields that can contribute to pain and disease. Healing Touch helps clear away negative energy and removes blockages while sealing and protecting the body’s energy fields.

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