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CMK Services Available:

Therapeutic Energy Session

1 1/2 hours, includes initial consultation, full energy treatment and evaluation.


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Intuitive Readings / Intuitive Consultations

Using Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, & Clairsentience, the information from these sessions can present new opportunities or reveal a different perspective on the questions or obstacles in life.
Phone/distance readings are available as well.
$75.00 per hour or $45.00 for half hour

Geomantic Divination

Geomancy is one of the oldest traditional forms of divination in the world.  It is thought to have originated in Africa and moved across continents to the West. Geomancy literally means “earth divination”.  Using elements of the earth to form symbols or figures used to create a spread that allows the reader to divine information for the questioner.

What is Divination? –  *A method of examining the full potential and circumstances of any given situation, that is, delineating all the possible outcomes.

*An instrument of “lateral thinking”, it adds another dimension to the tried and proven, but uninspired process of step-by-step reasoning. (Seeing something from a different point of view.)  – S. Skinner


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Kids Energy Therapy Session (10 yrs of age and younger)

Kids tend to run energy much faster than adults do. Your child will get a quick intake and then we will work. Parents are allowed in the room with their children.
$35.00 – 25 mins

Energy Cleansing

In your home or personal space
$85 (for large property or extreme cases, price may vary)

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Angelic Energy Work for Lyme Disease

This work is meant to be a compliment to the regimen and self-care you are already doing to help with your lyme disease. This work is brought through by the Arch Angels. This work does not align with any one religious belief, but belief in angels is necessary.

Energy Party

Want exciting entertainment at your next party, or event? Have CMK Energy do intuitive readings for all of your friends or guests in a casual setting. It is fun and interesting for all!
$40.00 – 15 minutes

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CMK Products Available:

Florida Water made by Claire Marie

This Peruvian recipe will help clear and energize your personal space or your environment.

Sacred Salts

Sacred salts works wonderfully for clearing and protecting your sacred space, like your home or even your office. It can also be used in a relaxing bath to clear and protect yourself.
**Note that the herbs may float in bathwater.

These 5 ounce sacred salts are hand ground with love, intention and care.
Ingredients: sea salt, white sage, and cedar.
**not meant for human consumption**


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Pure Communion Spray

This gem and flower essence has been created to help align you with your creator. Pure Source energy, that guides, aligns and heals, communicates with us every day. If you need or want some help connecting to this source more strongly, this essence can be a great tool.

This beautiful, harmonious spray is a tool to help you connect to the divine. We all commune in different ways. Some of us pray, some of us meditate, some of us go out in nature. This flower and gem essence is a tool to use during our communing times to amplify our divine connection.

This Essence is not a perfume. It has a smell of the lotus flower, but it is to be sprayed at your wrist pulse points or over your crown chakra. The crown chakra is an energy center that, when opened allows us greater access to our spiritual connection.

This essence is made of lapis lazuli and lotus oil.


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Loving The Self Affirmation Cards

Loving the self is extremely important. It accelerates healing, allows self discovery, and allows us to love deeper. These cards will help bring love into your life and it will start with yourself.

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Guided Meditation CD

“A Time To Breathe”
$10.00 each

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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates for CMK Energy Products and Services.

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Wholly Fit!

This 12-week online program will identify your gifts and your challenges in Mind, Body, Spirit. You will be given the tools to attain growth toward becoming Wholly Fit! You will be coached through the process. At the end of 12 weeks you will evaluate your progress!